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GRAPE APE STRAIN is a worldly-famous brand of cannabis that combines the best traits from both Indica and Sativa, making it one of the strongest strains on the market today. It helps appetite in patients with chronic pain or other illnesses that cause loss of appetite. GRAPE APE STRAIN usually tingles your tongue and gives you a euphoric high to make even mundane tasks more fun! GRAPE APE STRAIN is as famous for its grip-tightening appearance as its euphoric properties. For those looking for a more melodic experience, we have our strain that will get you on your feet and singing all day long. GRAPE APE STRAIN is the perfect go-to strain for day or night therapy. Made from an innovative mixture of fast-growing stem strains, it produces a rich terpene profile and balanced THC/CBD ratio that give GRAPE APE STRAIN its signature uplifting yet grounded effects. Lots of people take marijuana to help calm them in stressful situations, but GRAPE APE STRAIN has some additional properties that provide this stress relief with a little extra protection on top. Largely due to CBD’s ability to protect neurons from degeneration, there are numerous benefits for those who suffer from anxiety.


Grape Ape is a Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani hybrid that smells like grape. It provides carefree relaxation to soothe pain and stress while being harvested in 7-8 weeks at maturity following its flowering time of 8 weeks or more. This Indica plant darkens as it matures with dense, compact buds wreathed by deep purple leaves which will be recognizable for their distinct scent once you smell them.

This grape-scented strain is so appealing; it’s a wonder why anyone would want to get high. The buds are large and tightly curled with beautiful colors that change from deep green shades of purple or red depending on the phenotype expressing copper-colored pistils throughout. With such an attractive exterior you’d hope for some pretty potent highs but alas this smoke doesn’t have as many trichomes which means not quite as strong of effects as other strains out there – yet definitely one worth checking out! The taste is much stronger than the smell. Breaking open a flower gives off more of a harsh hash scent rather than that candy-like grape you may be imagining from its sweet, fruity fragrance. These plants are definitely not for beginners who want to play around with their first strains!


Grape Ape is a heady cannabis strain that has a slow onset. If consumed in high doses, Grape Ape may cause racing thoughts and lead you to feel clumsy or sleepy; it’s better if taken responsibly with only small amounts at first. The pleasant effects of this hybrid will slowly creep up on the user before eventually leading them into an uplifting state where they’ll be left feeling calm and relaxed both physically as well as mentally! When you need some relief from pain, worry, or muscle soreness after a hard day’s work in the office or an intense workout at your gym, Grape Ape is there for you. This Indica strain can deliver powerful effects of relaxation and will help push worries and tension out on its heavy purple haze while it sends users to sleep with ease.


Grape Ape is a vigorous, potent indica strain that produces large flowers in about 8 weeks. This plant can withstand pests and disease when grown outdoors but thrives inside as well with few adjustments from the grower – such as topping to avoid excess foliage at the top of your plants so they reach their full potential height while using artificial light for 7-8 hours per day. Grape Ape is a potent strain that may be too strong for novice cannabis smokers. Its slow and powerful high can leave even experienced marijuana users feeling disoriented, making it best to use at night or in intimate settings with close friends. Extremely popular on the West Coast, Grape Ape will make you melt into your surroundings – whether after work when you’ve had an exhausting day of stressful deadlines or during late-night hours where peaceful relaxation has been elusive due to hectic lifestyles.