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Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds for sale

Cherry Pie marijuana is not your grandma’s sweet and sour cherry after-dinner treat, although the tangy aroma of wild berries and other goodness may have you doing a double take. An indica-dominant hybrid, the Cherry Pie marijuana strain is well-loved for its overall cerebral effects coupled with a body-heavy high that makes this sweet cherry strain excellent for releasing tension, stress, and nervousness. Save this tasty morsel for a day spent relaxing with family and friends.

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Though the genuine Cherry Pie cannabis strain contains both indica and sativa genetics, the body-stone, chill-out variety is more prominent in this hybrid strain. With around 80% indica and 20% sativa, you can on a lovely balance of effects and growing traits that will leave you eager to plant marijuana seeds again and again.

If you’re a fan of Cherry AK, Cherry Punch, or Black Cherry Pie, you will salivate over this Granddaddy purple offshoot.

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  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Happy

Cherry Pie’s effects can be thought of as sort of like comfort food—you know, those favorite cookies or gooey mac n’ cheese that just makes you feel warm and happy. The sticky-sweet Cherry Pie strain seeds grow into flowers that deliver a happy dose of euphoria and a surge of energy, courtesy of its 20% sativa genetics. Get ready for a grumbly tummy (grandma’s pie, anyone?); this strain can often leave you with a little case of the munchies, which can be beneficial when dinner just isn’t appealing.

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Our cherry-flavored feminized seeds are regular seeds that grow into plants of a medium size that love lots of light, but you want to do more for them than just pop a single seed on a window sill to get lots of sunshine; set them up indoors in an ideal grow room situation, and these plants will deliver you dense buds, thick with fiery orange hairs and just a hint of purple, in around 60 days.

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We’ll give you one guess. If you think the Cherry Pie feminized seed grows into flowers that taste something like the round pastry-topped tree fruit dessert we all know and love, well—surprise, surprise—you’d be pretty close to correct. “Fruity” and “Berry” are terms commonly used to describe the flavor of Cherry Pie marijuana (plus its reddish tones), and some people even pick up on a bit of vanilla in the mix alongside that iconic cherry taste, which, as everyone knows, is vital to the delicious result of this strain’s baked cherry namesake. You can expect a lovely fruity aroma and beautiful green leaves with a coating of trichomes.

Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds for sale

Cherry Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds for sale online

Optimal conditions are key to growing any cannabis plant. After you’ve germinated your feminized cannabis seeds, and followed the eight- or nine-week flowering period required for these indica-sativa hybrids, you’ll be ready to harvest your bounty and be well on your way to enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. As long as you’ve kept your plant babies warm and well-lit, 8 or 9 weeks from germination—near the end of the flowering stage—you’ll likely find this moderate-difficulty strain will become thick with a coating of aromatic trichomes, a coif of orange hairs, and a touch of purple. You’ll net moderate yields (and even above-average yields) of 450 grams of fresh bud per square meter indoors, and around 400 grams per plant if you’re lucky enough to have a cannabis garden outside.