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What Is A Cannabis Tincture?

The tincture is a highly concentrated form of cannabis, or marijuana, that you take orally. By dissolving the cannabinoid in alcohol (or glycerin), producers are able to extract the cannabinoid content and create an easy-to-use liquid solution that can be taken with a dropper or mixed into food. The cannabinoid itself is dissolved in alcohol and then mixed with another ingredient such as berries or grape juice.

Types of Cannabis Tinctures

1) Green Dragon Tincture –

The green dragon tincture begins with the same mix that is needed to make the standard bud-based tincture but then adds additional ingredients that are generally not included in the original recipe. The green dragon tincture is popular among medical marijuana patients and aims to provide an overall sense of well-being and focus while also improving mood patterns.

2) Hops Tincture –

This special cannabis tincture begins with the addition of hops to the basic mix that is used during the creation of the cannabis tincture. This produces a unique effect that is very similar to beer and encourages relaxation while also promoting sleep. According to many marijuana patients, this is an ideal combination for those who suffer from anxiety disorders as it can be used in a controlled fashion before bedtime to reduce the chances of an episode.

3) Tinctures with Kief –

In this form, cannabis tinctures are created using kief, or finely ground marijuana trichomes. The end result offers a very potent product that can be used to create unique recipes and effects beyond those offered by other types of cannabis tinctures.

4) Tinctures with Terpenes –

The tincture with terpenes begins by adding a solvent like alcohol or glycerin to the mix that is already in use for many cannabis tinctures. Once this primary ingredient has been added, the additional oils and terpenes are then dissolved into the finished product. This type of concoction is very potent and offers effects that are highly individualized.

5) Tinctures with Fruit Juice –

The tincture with fruit juice begins by dissolving marijuana into the primary solvent, which is normally alcohol or glycerin. Once this has been mixed, it can be combined with any number of fruits and juices to create a product that will supposedly enhance the overall impact of your treatment program.

6) Tincture With Honey –

One interesting option is to combine cannabis tinctures with honey in order to create a mixture that not only takes effect much faster than other options but also allows you to experience longer-lasting feelings of wellness and peace.

7) Tincture With Olive Oil –

This is a very popular option for those who are interested in creating an edible cannabis product that does not produce any psychoactive effects. When the primary solvent has been mixed with olive oil, it can be used as a carrier to help other ingredients pass through your digestive tract more easily. The result is no direct intoxication but rather a relief from many of the symptoms associated with various conditions and illnesses.

8) CBD tinctures –

These are easy to make at home by dissolving CBD-rich cannabis into a carrier liquid like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Once this process is complete, you will then have your own bottle of homemade cannabinoid extract that can aid you in attaining all of the many benefits that CBD has to offer.

9) Cannabis-Infused Tincture –

This type of cannabis tincture is created by combining a solvent with the cannabis and then adding it to a carrier like water, juice, or alcohol. Once all of the ingredients have been mixed together, they can be placed in an airtight container and stored away for later use. Any number of additives can be used including ginger root, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, etc. The final product will usually take effect within 30 minutes if ingested and 5 minutes if applied topically.

10) Cannabis-Infused Nutrient Tincture –

These tinctures use liquids like alcohol to dissolve solvent containing nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E. Once this has been dissolved into the solution, marijuana can be added and allowed to infuse for at least 24 hours before being strained out. The remaining liquid can then be used in place of water in recipes that require it or simply consumed on its own.

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures?

There are several basic steps that must be followed in order to create a successful tincture. First, the cannabis material is dissolved into alcohol or glycerin by heating it over direct heat at a specific temperature. Once this process has been completed and any water has evaporated from the mixture, the remaining liquid can be used for personal use consumption or can be preserved for later use. The alcohol is then removed, typically by using cheesecloth to strain it from the cannabis solution.

Cannabis Tincture Instructions*

If you are looking for an easy way to get high without smoking marijuana, then you should try making your own tinctures with your favorite strains of marijuana. Tinctures are easy to make, can be stored for a long time, and are extremely potent.

How Do You Make Your Own Tincture? Follow These 5 Steps Below:

  1. Get a Mason jar (wide mouth). Make sure it is clean before use.
  2. Place ¼-1 ounce of finely chopped marijuana (buds) into the Mason jar.
  3. Pour in alcohol of your choice, enough to cover the marijuana buds completely, but make sure that it is not more than a quarter full (this will ensure that the mixture doesn’t evaporate too quickly).
  4. Cover your jar with a lid and place it in a dark area for about two weeks. Shake the jar at least 5 times a day.
  5. When you are done, strain the mixture using a coffee filter or cheesecloth (do not use any ringer). Pour into an empty glass bottle and keep it in your fridge for up to six months!