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Super Glue Strain Information

Super Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid created by mixing a Skunk strain with Northern lights.This is the perfect mix if you’re searching for a mind-opening bud that is also produces a potent body high that is very relaxing. When you open a jar of this sticky cannabis, you’ll smell a mixture of earthy tones combined with citrus and spiciness that linger in the air. Take notice of your dose though, because of it’s high THC percentages, too much will easily sedate you!


Break open some of Superglue’s spade-shaped buds and you’ll instantly be able to detect a sour-sweet and pungently skunky aroma. It’s almost like a combination of sweet lemons and sticky caramel underneath the rough, piney notes mix with a sharp pungency. Meanwhile, breaking apart or crushing these thick blossoms unleashes a sandalwood and spice aroma that’s signature to its Afghani parent strain. All-in-all, it’s a unique array of scents that can’t be missed!


When burned, Super Glue emits a smoke that’s skunky and gas-like, creating an almost spicy sensation in the back of the throat. On the exhale, this smoke has a woodsy and earthy flavour that coats the mouth with freshness, almost like breathing in the forest air after a good rain. Those who want to smoke discreetly should take some cautionary measures since this potent bud will reek!


Super Glue also has a lot of bag appeal because of its big, chunky buds. This strain creates huge blooms with distinct spade-like shaped buds that taper down from a broad base to a pointy tip. The buds have an indica-like body, with tiny leaves curving firmly inward in a thick, solid cluster. The leaves hold a soft sage green with orange pistils intertwined through them. It’s sticky white trichomes crown the flower, guaranteeing its potency and making it impossible to break apart without a grinder!

Super Glue Effects

True to its name, Superglue induces deep physical relaxation that, under the appropriate conditions, might easily imprison you on a couch lock! Considering its hybrid foundation, it’s a great indica strain for medical patients as it will easily comfort any muscle pains or stress.

One toke will hit fast and produce cerebral effects that’s not overwhelming. It’s energy will sharpen your mind to be fascinated with topics and then progress towards relaxing the physical body. Superglue can also be used to treat insomnia, lulling people into a deep slumber if used correctly. Superglue can pin smokers down wherever they sit – or, if they’re standing, make them dive for the next comfy sofa!

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Perfect for binge watching shows, Super Glue will have you sitting back and relaxing on your couch or bed. This frosty strain holds a potent body high that is also mind opening with a delicious taste!

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