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Pink Kush is a strain that has been known to provide relief from stress and worries. It also produces an uplifting high, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to relax their mind with some weed! Some people believe Pink Kush’s ties lie in OG Kush because of its long-lasting buzz but without the heady edge. This mellow indica will have you feeling euphoric while relaxing your body at the same time–perfect for after work when all you want are those good vibes 😉 Pink Kush, a strain with OG Kush ties, is perfect for those who need to unwind. It has an uplifting high that soothes aches and pains without having any harsh edges like other strains. The mellow buzz it provides lasts long enough to be enjoyed yet not too much time to make the consumer anxious or edgy


Pink Kush strain lives up to its name! It is mostly an Indica strain and the experts say it might be as high as 90% Indica! Despite having 10% of Sativa genetics, this uplifting plant can help you feel that happy euphoria we all need every once in a while. So if your life needs an upgrade or just some good vibes, Pink Kush has got what you’re looking for with its sweet flavor and light-headed buzz – plus it’s versatile enough to suit any occasion: whether chilling out at home on a warm summer night or enjoying things outside like concerts and hikes while basking under the sun; even though not too much because then those effects will turn from relaxing into something more sedative.


The Pink Kush is a great choice for anyone who wants to take the edge off. It’s also perfect for those suffering from intense stress and anxiety, as it can help unravel tension in any part of your body – especially when racing thoughts are getting you down. Insomniacs will find this strain intriguing due to its ability to put an end to all their worries so they can finally sleep soundly at night after years of insomnia! It induces relaxation and has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and even physical pain in some users. While it may make you feel sleepy or lazier than usual at first when used later on during the day (usually late afternoon or early evening), Pink Kush helps energize people by reducing their mental pressure as they plan for social events with friends that night! Make sure not to forget snacks if this strain will be your pregame; otherwise, hunger pangs could ensue after smoking just one joint!