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Have you ever been so high that even when you physically touch them, your eyebrows couldn’t be felt? If not, try smoking Moon Rock Weed and we guarantee it’ll happen. The origins of these cannabis-coated buds are a bit fuzzy but rumor is they were first concocted by the dispensary Starbudz760 with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularizing the product in 2006 or 2007 (though he didn’t create it). He trademarked his own version called “Kurupt’s Moonrock” which became quite famous for its THC power. These marijuana megazord—basically any strain dipped in hash oil then rolled up in kief–contain GSC bud from back east or anything else to make people feel high.

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

The smoke from Moon Rocks is a very pleasant, terpene-rich experience. The potency of each batch varies so you never know how much THC you’ll get when taking one hit or 10 hits. However the general consensus is that they hover around 50% THC (most flowers by itself average 20%). Hitting Moon Rocks produces an extremely enjoyable high with big clouds and full flavors every time; it’s basically like eating kief in your lungs! A Moon Rocks high has been described by many smokers who have experienced one before as an extreme sense of euphoria followed by waves upon waves up soothing blissful sensations throughout their body starting in the head then moving down through every part until eventually reaching even your toes.

How To Make Your Own Moon Rocks Bud?

Moon Rock Bud are a potent, indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is perfect for those who want to experience the best parts of both THC and CBD. Though it can be made with GSC flower or concentrate (or any other combination), if you’re feeling ambitious all you need is your favorite weed mix, kief from the bottom of your grinder plus some tongs/grabbing apparatus – We suggest using liquid droppers so as not to accidentally inhale anything!

Tips For How To Smoke Moon Rock Weed

You need an appetite and lots of times before you try the potent pot strain, called “Moon Rocks.” The potency is so high that it gets its name from being light years ahead than other strains in terms of THC content- about 67%. You might feel like this will last forever after smoking just one hit! Here is how you should smoke moon rock weed:

Use Glassware

If you’re looking for a euphoric high that will make your head spin, then look no further than Moon Rocks. You’ll need some special gear to smoke this tasty treat because it’s not like the usual weed or flowers. The thick and greasy texture of these rocks can’t just be rolled up in papers with ease; we recommend using glassware instead so as not to waste any product!

Throw It On Top Of Some Flower

The texture of Moon Rocks makes them a little tricky to light or keep your cherry, but if you throw some on top with the flower and shake it up like we did in chemistry class then you’ll be good. You can also break these bad boys up and sprinkle them over ground bud for an even higher level of highness. If that wasn’t enough information for you, just roll yourself a blunt/joint out of this too!

Safety Tips When Smoking Moon Rocks

Eat & Hydrate Before Smoking

It is important to always drink lots of fluids when taking a Moon Rock Weed, for hydration and because it will help prevent nausea. However, if you feel like your stomach might be getting upset from the potency of this strain then having some food in your system before smoking can also really help! Not only does eating something beforehand keep any hunger pangs at bay but it’s actually better than waiting until after feeling sick to eat.

Choose The Right Environment & Start Low, Go Slow

If you want to experience a truly euphoric high, then wait for the perfect moment with your trusted friends. Make sure that everything around you is giving off good vibes so it’ll be easier on both of your minds and souls—you don’t need any unwelcome negativity when smoking Moon Rocks! Once in this relaxed state, take small hits from time-to-time; they’ll get into your system quick enough where thoughts will start to feel slow like molasses dripping down an icicle as if gravity had just lost its grip.