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If there’s one thing an adventurer needs, it’s a good starting point. What better place to start than our powerful feminized Bruce Banner strain? Named after the comic book hero “The Incredible Hulk”, this plant is green during her outbursts of anger and has THC potency that can’t be beaten! With 30% potency, she makes for not only a great product but also an unforgettable experience as well. We deliver this Bruce Banner strain all over Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, & Adelaide. Bruce Banner is the perfect green beast that will get you started to a day of high energy. And if you’re a bit tired and stressed out, this weed will help put your mind at ease by providing long-lasting effects of relaxation. Bruce Banner weed is about power, strength, and in its purest form, it’s about going against something or someone. Its origins were bred from two other popular cannabis strains – Kanisku Kush and Tree Frog strains – which together create the perfect hybrid that can offer relief for those who are suffering physical symptoms as well as emotional challenges.


Bruce Banner weed is an extraordinarily powerful strain that can overthrow the most seasoned cannabis users. On average, it has a THC content of 20%, which is well above the Sativa average. One test revealed even higher concentrations with 30% THC being detected in one sample! This came as no surprise given its high concentration and fast-acting effects on consumers’ headspace while giving them delicious feelings combined with euphoria after just minutes of consumption.

Bruce Banner is the Hulk’s other form! No, seriously. Bruce Banner has been used in prescription medication as an alternative to painkillers because of its excellent effects on chronic pain patients. If you’re suffering from stress or anxiety and want relief quickly then this could be your answer – just beware that it can have some negative side-effects such as jitters for ADD/ADHD sufferers if not properly dosed first. So consult a professional before self-medicating with anything like these drugs.


Bruce Banner Weed is great for when you want something other than the traditional fare to lighten up your smoking session. This particular cannabinoid profile offers a new, berry-flavored taste that’ll have you hooked instantly. Wisely use Bruce Banner as a companion with another strain and be careful not to take too much; it has a stone so heavy, even veteran smokers might topple over! Bruce Banner is a weed that can’t be called green, or sour, or sweet. This weed is as cold as ice and, if you take on his alter-ego (Hulk), he’s mighty strong. So the next time you are in the mood for some good smoke, don’t forget to buy Bruce Banner’s feminized marijuana seeds!


Bruce Banner is a tricky plant that prefers to be grown from seed. It can thrive in any environment, but Bruce likes mild-warm environments with plenty of sunlight and loves being indoors or out!

Bruce Banner is a versatile plant that can be grown in many ways. As one of the best balanced hybrid strains, Bruce Banner has an excellent structure for SCROG grow setups and grows vigorously as well. So, it’s perfect to get your harvest within short growing seasons. But with longer flowering periods, you’ll also find good results when using SOG techniques too!

Get ready for some serious Bruce Banner! Do you have a green thumb? Start the flowering phase early by topping your weed plant before it blossoms, or train her to grow bushy. One last tip: Use organic fertilizers to accentuate its fruity taste and give this powerful strain all the nutrients it needs.


Bruce Banner strain has a high THC content that can make you feel relaxed and happy. To harvest this plant in early October, grow the plants outdoors or indoors with at least eight weeks of flowering time before harvesting them. The Bruce Banner strain is short but potent when grown either outdoor or indoors under artificial lighting conditions. This strain reaches a height of 150-250 cm (or about 5 feet) tall outdoor as opposed to 100 -150 cm indoors, where their height maxes out around 3 ft. They get just as high when compared with other popular strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel but grow more slowly than those two major competitors.