Pre-rolled blunts and joints are a popular form of cannabis consumption because they’re easy to enjoy immediately, discreet for public use, and can be disposed responsibly after. As the only dispensary in Sydney, Perth Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide we take pride in our ability to serve individuals across Australia! Our selection of pre-rolled joints includes a variety from sativa to indica so there’s something for everyone! Pre-rolled blunts and joints provide people with an easy way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to prepare it. If you’re too lazy to roll a joint, then there’s no need for despair. You can just reach out and grab yourself one of these pre-rolled joints. There’s no licking, sticking or tearing; everything’s ready for you and quick as can be! No more rolling joints in the morning before work—just fill and light right up without any fuss at all.


Pre-rolled Cones are all the rage right now. Available in several flavors to suit your taste buds, you’ll never have to worry about getting messy with loose cannabis again. Step up your cone game and get yourself a pack of these pre-rolled wonders! Just like your grandmother used to make, these spunky little cones come in a few natural flavors for you and your friends to enjoy! Now stop rolling individual joints – save time with our pre-rolled cannabis blunts. Our pre-rolled cones and blunts are made with 100% cannabis and the finest of papers. These beauties will give you a high that’s just right for your needs. The idea of rolling a joint or blunt can be intimidating for beginners. If you are new to smoking legal herbs, chances are that it is taking up way too much time and energy trying to perfect this skill on your own. What’s more? You risk ruining the product with mistakes! Why don’t we let our experts roll one for you? Our wide range includes pre-rolled cones and papers so every experience will go smoothly from start to finish – all without any hassle at all.


Pre-rolls are a great way to consume cannabis without the hassle of rolling one. A pre-rolled blunt may have up to 1,000 different flavors and effects from just 100 grams of trim! A common misconception about pre-rolls is that they’re made by hand – in reality, they are rolled with machines using “trim” fillings which consist mainly blends of buds and bits leaf straight off the plant. The type or brand you prefer determines what wraps your joint will be wrapped in: You can choose between blunts, cones (or joints), confectionary paper cups like king size candy wrappers as well as parchment papers for variety’s sake!

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